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Teen wins £150k compensation for fall from carousel

Teen wins £150k compensation for fall from carousel
A teenager who suffered a shattered leg after falling off a carousel at a holiday camp has been awarded £150,000 in compensation.

William Perzow, 14, was holidaying at Butlins holiday camp in Bognor Regis in 1997 when he and his mother fell from the ride.

As a result of the accident he suffered injuries to his right thigh which necessitated operations and subsequent physiotherapy.

Furthermore, he was unable to walk properly for two years.

His mother Brenda Perzow told This is Hertfordshire: "We went through a really traumatic time. The problem with Butlins was that they really did not care.

"Their approach when we went to the first aid shack was put some ice on it and get him to stop crying. This is a place which is supposed to be about the child."

The hearing took place at the High Court and comes two years after the holiday company had initially denied liability.