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Sacked Royal Mail workers lose tribunal on appeal

Sacked Royal Mail workers lose tribunal on appeal

Two Royal Mail workers who were sacked after failing to deliver junk mail have had their successful unfair dismissal claims reversed on appeal.

Dorothy Stephen and William Adam of Edinburgh had won an earlier ruling when the tribunal ruled that the mail from Capital One would most probably have been destroyed or discarded by the recipient.

As a result Ms Stephen was reinstated in her job at the firm's sorting office in Allsop, while Mr Adam was found a new position as a postman.
However, that decision was reversed at the latest hearing by tribunal chairman Lady Smith who ruled whether the recipient would have been interested in the mail could not reasonably be guessed by the previous tribunal.

She said: "We do not see that the tribunal were entitled to assume that they would not be bothered about it."

At the previous hearing Mr Adam was also awarded around £10,000 in compensation for lost earnings.