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Family of meningitis victim seeking £200k compensation

Family of meningitis victim seeking £200k compensation
The family of a schoolgirl who died of meningitis are launching legal action against NHS 24 on the grounds that it failed in its duty of care.

Shomi Miha, 17, of Aberdeen, died of meningococcal septicaemia in 2004 after being told by a nurse on the out-of-hours helpline that she was most probably suffering from flu.

The nurse advised the family to give her paracetamol and to put her to bed.

However, a few hours later her condition worsened and she was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where she died.

The family, which is seeking compensation of £200,000, claims that the advice was given despite them warning that Shomi had suffered from meningitis in the past.

Their case comes after a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the incident apportioned blame for the girl's death on failures on behalf of the helpline staff.

Anis, Shomi's brother, told the Scotsman: "We are not doing it for the money, we are doing it for Shomi. We also don't want to see this happen to anyone else."