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Deaf worker wins £2,000 compensation in tribunal

Deaf worker wins £2,000 compensation in tribunal

The manager of a deaf charity has been ordered to pay over £2,000 to a former employee with hearing difficulties after a tribunal ruled she has been the victim of discrimination.

Jayne Fletcher alleged that Colin Sanders, who managed the Walsall Deaf People's Centre, had failed to use sign language around Ms Fletcher.

She also claimed that Mr Swann had been unreceptive to her requests for time off to get treatment for her epilepsy and that he had failed to employ a support worker to interpret for her and assist her in her work.

Ms Fletcher was awarded damages of £2,310 after claiming constructive dismissal.

A statement from Ms Fletcher cited by the Birmingham Mail said: "I was excluded and isolated when I worked at WDPC. It made me sad and feel as if something was wrong with me. It made me paranoid.

"Colin Sanders made money from my disability. It angered me when I realised Colin received money from Access to Work to provide me with a support worker to interpret but he never bothered employing anyone to help me."