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Compensation awarded for man dying of asbestos-cancer

Compensation awarded for man dying of asbestos-cancer
The son of a former chemical plant manager has won "a significant sum" of compensation after developing asbestos-related cancer from physical contact with his father, it has been reported.

Michael Trowbridge, 50, was employed at ICI in Teeside between 1957 and 1975, where he was exposed to asbestos.

His son believes that he contracted mesothelioma as a child because his father used to wear his work clothes at home, since the clothes would still have been impregnated with asbestos fibres.

Michael's condition first manifested itself in 1995 in the form of breathing difficulties and now means that he suffers depression, muscle problems, memory loss and hot and cold sweats. He has also been told that the disease is terminal.

Having launched his claim in February, he was awarded the compensation last Friday after ICI agreed to settle out of court.

Nicholas told the Sunday Sun: "I am happy it has finally been laid to rest for both myself and my father.

"I hope people with similar problems get their compensation and the government brings in legislation to speed up these cases."