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Care worker wins £12,000 compensation in tribunal

Care worker wins £12,000 compensation in tribunal

A dismissed former-care worker has won over £12,000 in an employment tribunal.

In August last year, Ava Lees, 55, was dismissed from her position at Calder Valley Club for the Physically Disabled in Mythoolmroyd in Wales on the grounds of gross misconduct.

Among the allegations levelled at Ms Lees at the time were that she passed on confidential staffing information and bullied a colleague.

It was also claimed that she had undermined her boss at the care home, Mrs Sharp.

However, the claims were rejected unanimously by the Leeds tribunal, which noted that Ms Sharp "had decided to dismiss the claimant because she saw her as a threat to her authority".

Meanwhile, the allegation that she had bullied an employee called Donald Sutcliffe was rejected as "unreasonable", while the claims that workplace confidentiality had been breached were dismissed as "gossip" on the part of others.