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Amputee fireman in line for substantial compensation

Amputee fireman in line for substantial compensation

A man who lost a leg after medics failed to take action quickly enough is in line for substantial compensation.

In 2004, fireman Simon Hawkins, 33, of Bromsgrove was involved in a motorbike accident in which his leg was severely damaged.

Following an examination at a hospital at Abergavenny, doctors diagnosed that Mr Hawkins had picked up a vascular injury which meant that blood was not reaching his lower leg.

However, action to address this was not taken for another two weeks when Mr Hawkins was moved to another Trust.

By this time though the lower leg had been without blood supply for so long that it necessitated amputation.

Judgement has now been entered against Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, with a further hearing set to establish the amount of compensation that Mr Hawkins will receive.

Mr Hawkins told the Bromsgrove Advertiser: "While my life has been changed forever by the human error and negligence of one NHS consultant, Gwent NHS Trust has finally acknowledged that mistakes were made and its apology has assisted me in coming to terms with my injury.

"The settlement will never compensate for the difficult process my family and I have undergone, but it will enable me to continue to live an active life, and carry on in my career as an operational firefighter."