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Threat of tribunal yields victory for war veteran

Threat of tribunal yields victory for war veteran

A Territorial Army member who was injured while serving in Iraq has forced his employers to recommence paying his salary after threatening to take them to an employment tribunal, ic Teeside has reported.

Corporal David Corrogan, 47, of County Durham, was serving as a paramedic in 2003 when he tore the cartilage in his left knee.

Upon returning, he resumed his job as an ambulance technician with the North East Ambulance Service.

However, following a further injury at work he was reassigned to a job which he deemed unsuitable since it involved his having to carry heavy loads.

As a result, after just over half a day in the job, his injuries were aggravated and he found he was unable to continue.

He was also subject to a wage reduction from the £21,000 he had been earning to a salary of £12,000 for his new job.

However, following the threat of legal action, his employers have agreed to continue paying the new salary and will backdate it to March.

They are also to find Mr Corrogan a new position.