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Policeman sued for compensation over road accident

Policeman sued for compensation over road accident
A Scottish man is to sue a chief constable after he was thrown from his motorbike following a collision with a police car.

Jamie Longland, 24, was at a junction at Lochie Brae in Perth on May 13th when he was hit by Pc Carswell.

After the accident Mr Longland sustained leg injuries and was forced to use crutches for several weeks.

Furthermore, he alleges that his ability to drive was detrimentally affected and that he could not pursue his hobbies.

Mr Longland is claiming that Mr Vine had not applied due care and attention to his driving over the accident and is seeking £10,000 in compensation, as well as a further £500 to cover the assistance he required from his parents and £308 in lost wages.

The court writ says: It was his (Pc Carswell)duty to take reasonable care for the safety of other road users. He failed in those duties and his failure caused the accident."

Mr Vine does not dispute liability but is contesting the extent of the damages.