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Met pays £13m for road accident compensation

Met pays £13m for road accident compensation
The Metropolitan Police has paid out £13 million in compensation related to traffic accidents over the last five years.

The high payment figure was reached despite annual compensation in 2006 standing at £1.9 million - a fall from 2002's total of £3.4 million.

Numbers of claims against the Met during the period, meanwhile, rose from 1,140 in 2002 to 1,529 in 2006 and totalled 6,525 over the five-year period.

During 2006 the Met, which is the country's largest police force, undertook journeys totalling 62 million miles in its fleet of 5,000 vehicles.

Commenting on the statistics, a spokesman for the Met told the BBC: "Accidents should be seen in the context of the number of our vehicles on the roads and the challenging driving environment where officers respond to 999 calls or are in pursuit of suspects."