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Labour MP sues Daily Mail for libel damages

Labour MP sues Daily Mail for libel damages
An MP is suing the Daily Mail's publishers Associated Newspapers over a story which alleged he used foul and abusive language towards a House of Commons security guard.

Labour MP for Clwyd South, Martyn Jones, is pursuing the action in the High Court alleging that the story which bore the headline 'Labour MP in foul-mouthed outburst at police guard' was substantially untrue.

While Mr Jones admits that he did swear at the guard in question, he claims "at least half a dozen untruths" appeared in the piece, including an allegation that he told the guard to "f*** off".

Moreover, he claims that his standing was likely to be damaged by the article as well as his chances of re-election.

He might also be subject to his political rivals using the incident to score points in an electoral campaign, it is argued.

Mr Jones told the BBC: "When I saw this article, I felt anger and disgust that anybody could print that kind of thing without any basis. I was churned up, angry and distressed."