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Former soldier wins £5.2m compensation from MOD

Former soldier wins £5.2m compensation from MOD
A former solider has won £5.2 million in compensation after sustaining injuries in an accident in an Army Land Rover.

Alan Ashton, 34, incurred the injuries during 2001 when he had been a passenger in the vehicle while being driven on an Essex road.

After the driver of the vehicle lost control, the car turned over and Mr Ashton was flung from the vehicle.

As a result, he was paralysed and now requires round the clock care.

The Ministry of Defence admitted liability for the accident in 2004, but a decision over the size of the damages was suspended in order to asses the extent of Mr Ashton's injuries.

Mr Ashton's mother Ann, 61, told the Lynn news: "Obviously it has been devastating for all the family. We have had some really dark times over the past few years. We keep going by looking forward to and watching the achievements Alan does make, like the first time he put his own T-shirt on or, recently, when he managed to use an MP3 player.

"We are very pleased this has all now come to a conclusion and now hope to move on with our lives."

The size of the damages award is to be reduced by 20 per cent since Mr Ashton was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.