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Dismissed nurse wins compensation of £27,000

Dismissed nurse wins compensation of £27,000

A staff nurse has secured an out-of-court settlement of £27,000 after she was sacked for taking time off to have a baby.

Kate Wellesley, 38, received the payment from leading anorexia and bulimia expert, Dr Dee Dawson, at whose north London surgery she had been employed for 16 years.

Ms Wellesley told the Daily Mail: "The trouble started when I took a full year's maternity leave after my youngest child was born.

"With the others I had only taken seven weeks then five months but I felt I needed a year off to cope with three children then under five."

Upon returning to work, Ms Wellesley asked for a reduction in working hours to enable her to ably look after her child.

In response, Dr Dawson sent a letter telling Ms Wellesley that the problem lay not with the shift patterns but with the nurse's reluctance to pay for child care, and subsequently made her redundant.

Prior to the two parties agreeing to the settlement, Dr Dawson had claimed that she had been forced to make her employee redundant due to falling passenger numbers.