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City trader loses sexism employment tribunal

City trader loses sexism employment tribunal

A female city trader who claimed that a sexist environment at an investment bank had caused her to resign from her job has lost a claim for compensation.

Katharina Tofeji, 38, of Brentwood, Essex, was seeking a £1.3 million award following her employers BNP Paribas' refusal to allow her to work a four day week after taking maternity leave.

She also alleged that she had been told by her bosses that she should "get a little bit closer" to a client while taking a candlelit dinner and that one of her colleagues had told her he could imagine her in a tiny bikini.

As a result of what she perceived as sexual discrimination in the workplace, she claims that she then felt forced to resign from her £70,000 a year job.

However, Ms Tofeji's claims that the company had breached maternity and flexible-working conditions and that she was the victim of sexual discrimination and wrongful dismissal were rejected by the court on the grounds that she had not been treated less favourably than other employees.

She is now expected to appeal against the ruling.