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Abestos-cancer pensioner awarded £100,000 compensation

Abestos-cancer pensioner awarded £100,000 compensation
A pensioner dying of asbestos-related cancer has won over £100,000 in compensation.

Ken McDonald, 67, of Barrow worked as an electrician's mate on the submarine HMS Dreadnought in the 1960s where he was charged with carrying bags of asbestos for his colleagues to use for lagging pipes.

As a result he was exposed to the chemical's deadly fibres regularly and, since he had no idea that it was harmful, would often come home covered in asbestos dust.

Now after mounting legal action with the assistance of the GMB, Britain's general union, and the Barrow Asbestos Related Disease Support Group, he has been awarded £102,500.

Mr McDonald told the North West Evening Mail: "I am relieved to have received this compensation but I would rather have my health back. At least now I know that my wife and family will be provided for. I'm hoping I'm going to live a little bit longer than they said I'm going to."