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Woman awarded compensation for poor dentistry

Woman awarded compensation for poor dentistry
A woman whose dentist ruined her teeth with poor work has won an out-of-court settlement of £13,500.

Financial advisor Amanda Farrall had been visiting private dentist Oluwashe Olojugba for ten years for cosmetic dental surgery.

However, after visiting another dentist it was discovered she had been suffering from gum disease for years, which had been left untreated by Mr Olojugba.

It was later discovered than underneath the crowns which Mr Olojugba had fitted, Ms Farrall's teeth had rotted away.

As a result she was forced to remortgage her house in order to pay the £8,000 it cost to have them replaced.

After being found guilty of professional misconduct by the General Dental Council, Ms Ojojugba was ordered to attend a course on gum disease and amend working methods at his practice.

Commenting on the case Ms Farrall said: "I was really pleased when he was found guilty. I didn't want him struck off because he is 61-years-old. I just wanted him to know what he had done and didn't want him to do it to anyone else.

"I felt sorry for Olojugba, but I wanted the money back that it had cost me to have my teeth fixed," she added.