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Shop worker wins compensation for slip at work

Shop worker wins compensation for slip at work
A shop worker who slipped on ice and was left unable to work has won £4,500 in compensation.

Isabelle MacKenzie slipped on a path outside the branch of Co-op in Fortrose Ross-shrie where she worked and injured her shoulder.

As a result she was not able to work for eight months.

Her employers had contested they were liable for her injury on the grounds that Ms MacKenzie was intoxicated when the injury happened at work on Hogmanay 2002.

However, the judge accepted that although she had a drink on December 30, she was sober by the time she arrived for work.

Sheriff Alasdair MacFadyen said: "The pursuer was not intoxicated on the morning of 31 December, 2002.

"Nor was she affected by alcohol to the extent of being unsteady on her feet or incapable of performing routine personal or work-related tasks."

Ms McKenzie had been seeking £7,000 compensation, but the judge ruled that the higher award was not applicable on account of her partial responsibility for gritting the path.