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Sex change doctor could face multimillion compensation claims

Sex change doctor could face multimillion compensation claims
A doctor, who is regarded as an expert in the field of sex change operations, is facing claims from former patients who claim they were subjected to "rushed and negligent treatment".

According to a report in the Guardian, up to six patients could lodge claims over the treatment they have received from Dr Russell Reid leading to multimillion pound payouts.

Of the six patients, five are claiming they were given the operations in contravention of medical regulations to prevent fast-tracking the treatment.

Meanwhile, the remaining claimant alleges that he was misdiagnosed by Dr Reid.

The claims coincide with an investigation conducted by the General Medical Council into Dr Reid that has found that Dr Reid was too quick to proscribe hormones to five of his patients.

The report also asserted that Dr Reid had not performed a thorough assessment of the patient's health and did not have proof they were transsexuals before he referred them for genital surgery.