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Sacked gay careworker sues for unfair dismissal

Sacked gay careworker sues for unfair dismissal

A gay care worker has told an employment tribunal that homophobic treatment by his workmates left him no choice but to leave his job.

Kevin Reid, 43, had been employed at Choices Community Care Home in Edinburgh when workmates levelled a series of accusations at him.

Among the claims were that Mr Reid had touched patients inappropriately and had masturbated in front of them.

However, following an investigation, during which Mr Reid was suspended from his role, he was cleared of the allegations.

Upon returning to work, though, he claims that his colleagues' allegations, coupled with constant abuse from them, had made his position at the care home untenable.

He is now suing for unfair dismissal and sexual-orientation discrimination.

Mr Reid told the Scotsman: "Because I did not have a wife or kids I was a lesser creature in their eyes. There was a general disposition that they were not keen on gay or black people."

News of the lawsuit follows the award of £350,000 in compensation to two lesbian nurses who were dismissed after being falsely accused of allowing sexual and physical abuse of patients.