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Parents seek compensation over baby's lip injury in Tesco

Parents seek compensation over baby's lip injury in Tesco
The parents of a baby who claim their baby's lip was damaged during an accident in a grocery store are to seek compensation.

The incident occurred during November last year when three-year-old Ayala Simmons was in Tesco Extra in Poole with her parents Christina and Mark and began looking at food contained inside a refrigerator.

However, as she peered in the freezer cabinet, her lip became trapped in the rim on top when a member of staff placed a box on it causing the rim to close.

A member of staff subsequently informed them that the rim is removed for cleaning, leading the couple to surmise that the company's failure to replace it properly had led to the accident.

Commenting on her daughter's accident, Ms Simmons told the Daily Echo: "It was horrible," she said. "She screamed and her lip was bleeding everywhere.

"It was really bruised inside of her mouth and her lip was swollen up badly. It was terrible."

"She was so scared of the freezers afterwards.. And even now she doesn't like going into shops. She still gets upset if we mention it," she added.

Russell Jones & Walker will be acting on behalf of the Simmons.

Meanwhile, Tesco have yet to respond to the claim.