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Breast cancer sufferer to sue the Met for unfair dismissal

Breast cancer sufferer to sue the Met for unfair dismissal

A solicitor who contracted cancer is to sue the Metropolitan Police Force alleging that her illness led to her being unfairly dismissed.

Susan Garnett was diagnosed with breast cancer while working on an intelligence project.

She had thought that she would be employed for three years and was formally offered a contract for that duration, but after failing ill she claims she was told that her condition meant she would not receive a long-term contract.

As a result, she is filing a claim under the Disability Discrimination Act as well as a claim for unfair dismissal.

Ms Garnett, said: "I was devastated when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I was undergoing chemotherapy, and at my most vulnerable, the Met Police refused to give me any job security.

"I find it shocking that a public body meant to uphold the law can have such a callous policy and actively discriminate against cancer sufferers. Now, just as I am recovering from my treatment, I find myself out of a job."

The Metropolitan Police have not yet responded to the claim.