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Barrister sues Natwest over bank charges

Barrister sues Natwest over bank charges
A London barrister is the latest in a number of disgruntled customers to take their bank to court over high penalty charges.

Tom Brennan was charged a total of £2,500 by NatWest bank for exceeding his overdraft limit without authorisation while he was studying to become a lawyer..

According to Mr Brennan, the levying of such fees was unlawful, leading him to take his case to the Mayor's and City of London County Court.

The bank has previously agreed to refund the barrister's penalty charges as well as grant him an additional £1,500 in compensation should he drop his case before it comes to court.

However, he turned down such an offer and is currently pursuing a claim for exemplary and aggravated damages, arguing that NatWest caused him significant financial harm through their illegal imposition of fees.

"I am not a campaigner or a consumer champion, I am simply a newly qualified lawyer," Mr Brennan said.

"I see an injustice and I see an abuse of power and I seek to stop that."

The case comes as the Office of Fair Trading confirmed that it would be undertaking a review of the current account market within the UK and judging whether the banking industry is accurate in its claim that it offers its customers a free banking service.