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Abused patients recieve compensation

Abused patients recieve compensation
Fourteen patients of a York psychiatric practice who were subjected to indecent assaults have received compensation from the NHS, it has been confirmed.

The claimants were fourteen women who had received treatment from Michael Haslam during the 1980s, during which time he had groped them.

One of the victims Lila Taylor, 61, received a five figure sum, after Haslam assaulted her during a naked massage on two occasions.

However, lawyers acting on behalf of Mr Haslam, who was jailed in 2003 for four indecent assaults on three women, did not accept liability.

Since the damages were awarded Mr Haslam has made derogatory remarks about the women and told the Shropshire Star that they registered their complaints only when they realised there might be "money in it".

News of the settlements follows proposed reforms to laws intended to prevent sexual abuse of patients within the NHS and to provide more support for those who are and who wish to pursue complaints and possible damages claims.