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Woman dubbed 'lady boy' wins compensation

Woman dubbed 'lady boy' wins compensation

A 34-year-old Vietnamese woman who was dubbed 'lady boy' by her employers in an information technology training company has own £22,000 in compensation.

As a result of being given the racially offensive nickname and its use on notice boards, the woman claimed she had been the victim of a campaign of racial and sexual discrimination and had consequently suffered from distress and bulimia.

After hearing the evidence, an employment tribunal found in favour of the woman and dubbed her treatment "totally inappropriate".

Consequently the company Remarc Technologies was told to pay £15,000 for injury to the woman's feelings and to make two further payments of £3,000 and £2,417 for aggravated damages and interest respectively.

Meanwhile, the boss of the company Paul Norris was ordered to pay the woman £2,000 for injury to feelings and interest of £268.

It is anticipated that Remarc will appeal against the ruling.