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Teachers receive millions in compensation

Teachers receive millions in compensation
Last year teachers received around £20 million in compensation payouts, according to a union report.

In one case, £20,000 was awarded to a lesbian who was refused paternity leave when her partner had a baby.

Staff at her school told her: "her lifestyle was unacceptable and that if she did not find another job immediately, she would be dismissed".

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) represented her as she sued her East London Roman Catholic school for breach of sexual orientation, paternity and adoption leave regulations.

The school settled on the figure shortly before the tribunal was due to begin.

In other cases, £23,000 went to a teacher who was sacked for using physical contact and 'inappropriate' language with pupils.

A teacher who was raped in a classroom by a 12-year-old special needs pupil received £11,000, while another slipped on a wet floor and received more than £17,000.

Graham Clayton, senior solicitor for the NUT, told thisislondon: "The criminal injuries tariff scheme does not necessarily in every case produce the kind of justice we think it should."

He added that all claims backed by the NUT were "justified".