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Hugh Grant wins libel payout

Hugh Grant wins libel payout

Hugh Grant's libel action against the Mail on Sunday has come to an end, with the actor having accepted an undisclosed sum from the newspaper.

Mr Grant originally launched the case following allegations, printed in both the Mail on Sunday and its sister publication the Daily Mail, that his recent relationship with Jemima Khan had come to an end following his flirtatious behaviour with a Warner Brother's studio executive.

According to the newspaper, the distress caused to Ms Khan by the late night calls to the film executive was exacerbated by Grant's acting as an usher at his former girlfriend, Liz Hurley's wedding.

This, the paper claimed, was the final "nail in the coffin" of the 46-year-old's relationship with the former wife of the cricketer and politician Imran Kahn.

"The publication of these numerous false assertions and allegations in quick succession has caused hurt, embarrassment and distress to the claimant and damage to both his personal and professional reputation," Mr Grant's solicitor, Simon Smith, told the judge Mr Justice Charles Gray.

In addition to paying the actor's leading costs, the newspapers' publishers, Associated Newspapers, agreed to donate the damages to the Marie Curie cancer charity.

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