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Everton manager sues Rooney for libel damages

Everton manager sues Rooney for libel damages

Everton manger David Moyes is suing Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney over allegations made in the player's autobiography.

Mr Moyes is believed to be seeking damages of £300,000 for comments made in a chapter of Rooney's book called I Don 't Want to Play For You Ever Again which appears in My Story So Far.

In the book, Rooney claims Moyes told reporters that the player was seeking to leave Everton after he was revealed to have visited prostitutes and thus made the player's position at the club untenable and hastened his exit.

Rooney also makes allegations that his manager was a controlling and domineering personality

As a result, Moyes claims he has suffered "serious embarrassment and distress" and that his professional reputation has been damaged.

As well as the libel damages, Moyes wishes to see the offending chapter excised from the book by publishers Harper Collins.

My Story So Far was written with the assistance of Hunter Davies, who is best-know for penning the football expose The Glory Game as well as being the author of the only authorised Beatles biography.

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