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Asian man wins race discrimination tribunal

Asian man wins race discrimination tribunal

An Asian man who was sacked from a catalogue company has won a ruling of racial discrimination in an employment tribunal.

Mohammed Kayat, 55, had worked for Grattan for 30 years before being sacked in 2004.

Following his return from a Haj pilgrimage Mr Kayat, who was prone to ill-health, was told that his exemption from flexible working hours was being suspended and was instructed to go and see a company-affiliated doctor.

However, after Mr Kayat said he could not work the new shifts that he was given, he called-in sick and did not return to work.

A representative of Grattan's parent company Otto UK said: "We are extremely surprised and disappointed with the judgement and will be appealing against it most vigorously."

Compensation for Mr Kayat is set to decided at a remedial hearing at a date yet to be established.