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Sacked garage manager awarded £4,000 for loss of earnings

Sacked garage manager awarded £4,000 for loss of earnings
A manager of a garage who was dismissed after it was alleged she had breached security measures at work has been awarded £4,000 for loss of earnings.

Sally Chapman was sacked from her position as forecourt manager at Hilcrest Garage in Holywell in 2004 when she was accused of stealing £15,000 from her employers.

An initial tribunal in January last year found her former employers' allegation to be unfounded and accepted Ms Chapman's explanation that she had moved the money from the safe to the filing cabinet to prevent the safe being overfilled.

Ms Chapman was granted the award when in the new hearing, the court rejected the garage owners' claim that by moving the money Ms Chapman had not observed security regulations and in so doing had put the company's earnings at risk of being stolen.

Ms Chapman had been employed at the garage for ten years.