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One in ten has suffered online fraud

One in ten has suffered online fraud
What is thought to be the first biodiesel refinery in London has opened for business.

The new Pure Fuels plant in Edmonton north London is capable of producing 3.5 million litres of biodiesel annually.

Pure Fuels' facility employs used cooking oil from all over the capital, which is then recycled and cleaned using a process called transesterifacation.

Company co-founder Tom Lasica told Let's "Our biodiesel is a premium product and an environmentally-friendly, ethical fuel, that mixes perfectly with diesel and requires no engine conversion.

"It's completely safe and it stops the waste oil from being dumped into landfill where it pollutes the water table," he added.

A further refinery, which is to be overseen by a group of local councils under the South East London Transport Strategy scheme, is set to be opened in Bromley in south London.

Research has shown that biodiesel emits 78 per cent less carbon dioxide and 50 per cent less carbon monoxide than standard diesel.