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Fed-ex gets £10m in Britney divorce settlement

Fed-ex gets £10m in Britney divorce settlement

Troubled pop star Britney Spears has agreed to pay ex-husband Kevin Federline a £10 million divorce settlement.

The terms of the out-of-court settlement will see Mr Federline paid £1 million in cash, fifty per cent of the money Ms Spears earned while they were married and half of the proceeds from the impending sale of their former home in Malibu.

The estranged couple's two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston will be cared for by both parents in a joint custody agreement, although it is expected that Mr Federline's access will be downgraded to visitation rights in time.

It had been expected that acrimony between the couple would lead Ms Spears, who recently completed a spell in rehab for treatment of substance abuse, would try for sole custody of the child.

However, a source told the Sun newspaper: "Everything changed when Britney went into rehab. She and Kevin started talking again and he's been a tower of strength for her. Her time in rehab has given Britney a lot of time to think, and has shown her Kevin loves his kids and is a good dad."