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Dismissed chef sues Sting's wife for damages

Dismissed chef sues Sting's wife for damages

A woman who claims she was dismissed from her job as a chef to Sting after she became pregnant may be in line for substantial damages.

Jane Martin, 41, of Hampshire had worked for Sting and his wife Trudy Styler for eight years when she became pregnant two years ago.

Ms Martin claims that shortly afterwards she was forced to work 14-hour days and that after deciding to take maternity leave she was dismissed from her job.

The court has already accepted that Ms Martin was unfairly dismissed from her job and is still deliberating a further charge of sexual discrimination.

However, Andrew Bowling who works for Lake House Estate, which manages Sting’s business affairs, has denied the charges and dismissed Ms Martin claim as "opportunist".

The court has already heard a raft of scathing allegations about Ms Styler who it is claimed subjected staff to verbal abuse.

It has also been claimed that Ms Styler behaved in a "regal" manner and expects her staff to be on call for 14 hours a day.