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Asbestos-cancer teacher to seek compensation

Asbestos-cancer teacher to seek compensation
A retired teacher will seek damages after contracting asbestos-related cancer at her school.

Margaret Worthington, 69, of Darlaston in the Midlands, is thought to have contracted mesothelioma from exposure to noticeboards containing asbestos at some stage in her 43-year teaching career.

Mrs Worthington told Metro: "My husband and I were both shocked when the doctor diagnosed mesothelioma.

"I have always led a healthy lifestyle, I have never smoked and teaching is not a profession you associate with asbestos," she added.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that government proposals are in place to fast-track compensation claims for victims so that they are able to be remunerated quicker.

The proposals will facilitate claims from people who were exposed to asbestos through living near to a factory that used it.

Meanwhile, spouses who contracted the disease through physical contact will also now be in line for compensation.

The disease normally afflicts people employed in heavy industry such as mechanics, where asbestos in brake pads for example can lead to cancer developing.