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Abramovich gets off lightly with £300 million divorce settlement

Abramovich gets off lightly with £300 million divorce settlement

Billionaire oligarch and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich has saved himself billions by getting divorced in Russia rather than England.

Mr Abrahamovic and his wife had been married for 16 years but have become increasingly estranged apparently due to the strain of living in the spotlight.

The size of the payout is not know for sure but is estimated to be one of the largest ever at around £300 milllion - two per cent of Mr Abramovich’s assets.

However, according to lawyers, Irina would have secured a much larger payment had the case been heard in England, where she is likely to have received at least 35 per cent of his fortune – equating to about £5 billion.

News of the settlement comes after a report from accountants Grant Thornton that showed that non-working wives divorcing in England receive an average of 53.3 of their husband’s assets.

The largest ever divorce payout is thought to be $3.5 billion Robert Murdoch gave to his wife Anna when he divorced her in 1999.