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Tarrant divorce 'to cost £10m'

Tarrant divorce 'to cost £10m'

Chris Tarrant and his wife Ingrid are to divorce at the High Court in London this week.

The legal battle with his wife is expected to cost the 60-year-old presenter as much as £10 million after he was caught having an affair.

Tarrant has admitted in the press that he is entirely to blame for the collapse of the couple's 15 year marriage following reports of a fling with a deputy headteacher Fiona McKechnie, 50.

He is not thought to have challenged 51-year-old Ingrid's demands for a £10 million settlement, half of his £20 million fortune, and is accepting a quick separation today.

Filed by Norwegian-born Ingrid, the divorce petition is being considered by a district judge at the High Court's Family Division as one of 33 being heard under "quickie" divorce legislation.

Ingrid and Tarrant have two children together and two children each from previous marriages. Both are reported to be keen not to hurt their family further with a lengthy divorce tussle.