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Newcastle woman wins sex discrimination case

Newcastle woman wins sex discrimination case

A Newcastle mother is expected to win £55,000 compensation after her former employer said she must choose between her job and her baby.

Angela Hildreth was given the ultimatum in January 2006 when she became pregnant whilst working as a finance manager at the Perdu bar in Newcastle.

The court heard that after informing her employers of her pregnancy she was told that: "I don't think that if you keep this baby we can keep you. It's a young business and we have to put that first.

"We don't know how much time off you will need and things like that. I have to protect the business"

It was also alleged that Mrs Mayer was docked pay, put on suspension and subjected to a campaign of verbal abuse when she returned to work after her child was born.

The tribunal in Newcastle took three days to find her employers guilty of sexual discrimination, with the amount of damages to be decided in the coming months