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Car crash girl awarded £6m in damages

Car crash girl awarded £6m in damages
A young girl has been awarded almost £6 million compensation after suffering severe injuries in a car crash.

Jade Robinson, 11, who was hit by a van in Walshford, Yorkshire in 1997, was awarded 575,000 after her mother sued the van driver's motor insurance company.

The girl, who was in a baby seat when the crash occurred, now suffers from epilepsy and is unable to walk more than a few yards.

She was also left with learning difficulties and impaired hearing and vision that means she requires around-the-clock care for the rest of her life.

Commenting on the award in an interview with the Eastern Daily Press, the family's solicitor Tom Cook said:

"This has been an enormous tragedy for the family and for everyone who knows them, but our aim now must be to ensure that Jade can look forward to as fulfilling a life as is possible with her injuries."

The award of substantial damages for the girl coincides with the £5.5 million in damages paid to a British man who was paralysed by a car crash in Australia. A landmark ruling in the House of Lords had enabled him to sue for damages through the English courts.