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Car crash executive wins £1.1m compensation

Car crash executive wins £1.1m compensation
A financial executive has been awarded £1.1 million in damages after a car crash.

The payout came as Ingrid Van Wees - a corporate finance manager at Vodafone, earning £90,000 a year - suffered reduced intellectual abilities which ended her career.

The accident occurred in central London in May 2000 when Ms Van Wees was riding pillion and the scooter she was travelling on collided with a car and she was thrown to the ground and left unconscious.

The High Court heard that from having an IQ in the superior range Ms Van Wees was left her with short-term memory problems, a lack of self-confidence and reduced concentration. She was also forced to leave her job.

Initially the claim has been for just under £10 million, but the insurance companies for both the driver of the car and the scooter, while not disputing liability, contested the amount of damages claimed.