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Top 10 tips to prepare for your holiday

Preparing for a holiday can be stressful so here's our top 10 tips to ensure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Ensure you have all your relevant documents/ tickets for your flights, hotel, and transfers. Although many businesses have moved to e-tickets, if you fail to print out relevant tickets where required, you may be subject to significant ticket issue charges. 

2. Ensure your passport is in date. Your passport is valid for 10 years but some countries require there to be a minimum period left on the passport before they will allow you to enter. If in doubt consult the Foreign Travel Advice pages on GOV.UK

3. Always take out holiday insurance. Holiday insurance is something you should always have but will hopefully never need to use. If you are unfortunate to lose your spending money, passport, or require medical treatment, without travel insurance the cost to you is likely to be significant. 

4. Plan your journey to the airport in advance of your holiday. If you need parking then the sooner you book the more you will save. If chose to take a taxi, book it well in advance. The flight won’t wait for you, and if you miss it, new flights will be expensive at such short notice. 

5. Always arrive at the airport in plenty of time for your flight. It is recommended you should arrive at least two hours before but many airlines open check-in 3 hours before the flight. 

6. Always check your luggage allowance. This differs from airline to airline and additional charges for overweight luggage is neither uncommon nor cheap. If you need to carry luggage to be checked then it's cheaper to book and pay in advance. 

7. If you’re travelling with expensive equipment then ensure you notify the airline staff at check in. Although the airline are responsible for your luggage, this is limited to approximately £800.00 so if you’ve got expensive taste you’ll have to make a declaration at check-in and pay an additional fee. 

8. If you are travelling with liquids then anything over 100ml must be placed into checked luggage. If you're travelling with hand luggage only, whilst you can carry liquids on the plane, these are limited to 100ml per item up to 1 litre and need to be carried in a re-sealable plastic bag no bigger then 20cm x 20cm in dimension. These rules are seriously enforced so if you don’t want to lose your favourite perfume, leave it at home, check in a bag, or get a smaller bottle. 

9. Buy snacks ahead of your arrival at the airport. Airport and airline prices for food are extortionately high so if you’re travelling with children it will save you a lot of money to travel prepared. 

10. If you unfortunately have your flight delayed or cancelled, request details of your rights from the airline. Also keep a record of the reason for the delay, and the time you arrive in your destination. In some circumstances delays can equate to airlines having to pay a significant amount of compensation but only if the reasons for the delay are “extraordinary circumstances.”   

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