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VW’s Billion Euro Fine Embarrassment to British Regulators

Yesterday VW was fined over 1 billion euro for fitting emissions cheating software to its cars, while Mercedes-Benz were forced to recall 240,000 cars fitted with the same software.

This is a wakeup call for British regulators who have been slow to act on the scandal.  While the United States has taken tens of thousands of non-compliant cars off the roads and Germany has imposed massive fines on car makers who cheated on emissions tests, the British Government has taken little or no action against VW.

A spokesman for the company said VW ‘accepts responsibility’ for the diesel emissions crisis. Gareth Pope of Slater and Gordon, who is leading the Group Litigation on behalf of drivers in England and Wales, said “it is ridiculous for VW to claim that they accept responsibility for the crisis while actively fighting their own customers in Britain to deny them the compensation that has been paid in other countries”.

VW is spending millions of pounds on lawyers to attack the claims of their own customers instead of using that money to compensate VW drivers in England and Wales for their losses. It is time that VW stopped saying one thing in England and another thing in Germany and the United States. VW Drivers in England and Wales deserve better.

After the fine was imposed, VW has said that the end of the regulators investigations will help them settle claims across Europe. Mr Pope said he is looking forward to their call.

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