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Lend a Hospital Helping Hand

Whether we like it or not, hospital visits are a commonplace part of everyday life. From visiting somebody after a quick trip to A&E, to a long stint following major surgery, there are some important rules surrounding hospital visits that must be adhered to.  From choosing the right gifts to knowing when you’ve outstayed your welcome, there’s a lot to contend with so we did some investigating.

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We carried out some brand new research with the help of YouGov which explores in depth the various views and attitudes people have towards hospital visits. We asked 2,000 members of the British public a selection of questions to gain a better insight into the processes they carry out when a loved one goes into hospital as well as their feelings from a patient’s perspective.

We discovered that a whopping 90 per cent of respondents had visited a loved one in hospital before but only 56 per cent said they would visit a friend, partner or family member if they were only there for one night. Interestingly 62 per cent agreed that as a patient, they would appreciate being visited even if they were only going in for an overnight stay. Of course these factors are all impacted by the nature of the hospital trip, from newborn celebrations right through to contagious airborne viruses.

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Our survey revealed that nearly a third (28 per cent) of respondents saw the hospital website as the first port of call for information about visiting rules and regulations. The NHS website was chosen as the go-to for 12 per cent, while only 8 per cent said they would enquire with the person they’re visiting. Things like visiting hours, travel, hospital hygiene, bedside etiquette and permitted gifts are all important factors that often have certain safety-conscious restraints surrounding them.

For more information on what our survey respondents prefer when it comes to hospital visits and the dos and don’ts, download our eBook. If you agree and what to show your support or if you disagree with the majority entirely, head on over to Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts and tips. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #HospitalHelpingHand to join the conversation.



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