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The UK's Modern Family Revealed

There are over 8.9 million families in the UK, each and every one diverse and different. Our new research delves into the nation’s family makeup and reveals that our concept of a modern family has progressed considerably since the tradition of the ‘nuclear family.’

Commissioned by Slater and Gordon’s very own family law specialists, a new YouGov survey found that 23% of male respondents see a family as consisting of two parents and their children, compared to just 18% of women. This research suggests that men still hold a more traditional view of the family as an institution, whereas women have a more flexible idea of the family makeup.

Of 2000 YouGov survey respondents, 15% of people have at least one step-sibling and 14% of people have at least one half-sibling. Additionally, official statistics show that in 2013 15% of marriages were, for both partners, a remarriage. The modern family is as diverse as ever, and whilst this is undoubtedly positive, it can make things slightly more complex when it comes to family law.

42% of those surveyed have previously required legal assistance in family law. From divorce settlements to cohabitation agreements and wills, Slater and Gordon can provide you with the confidential support and advice you need. We’ve released our #FamilyMadeSimple campaign to lend a helping hand for those more difficult issues, leaving you to focus on that all important festive family fun.

Check out our infographic to find out more inside stats on the UK’s twenty-first century family. If you have any festive family anecdotes, share them with us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FamilyMadeSimple.

For further advice on our family law services, call Slater and Gordon on freephone 0800 916 9056 or contact us online.

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