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Revealed: Why Couples Split up After Christmas

Have you ever wondered why it is that so many couples split up around Christmas? Find out why now, by watching my video below.

There is so much pressure on families to be happy over the festive period; couples want everything to be perfect at Christmas and some do not anticipate the extent to which this can take its toll on relationships.

The festive period can be ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ when it comes to relationships and that is because people are forced into situations where they have to spend time together with people they may not like.

One in ten Brits went as far to say that they were treating the festive period as make or break time for their marriage.

Sometimes the reason why couples decide to split up around Christmas is a result of long term issues within the relationship, but when put in a situation where they have to spend time with family which they would much rather not it can put extra strain on a relationship.

Christmas can put extra strain on a relationship. The financial pressures, time off from work and the sometimes unusual situation of being all together at home for long periods of time can add to the stress. If there have been arguments or difficulties in the relationship earlier in the year, the added stresses of Christmas can be the final straw for some couples. 

Others view the start of a New Year as a time to reassess their lives - scrutinising relationships more so than at any other time, and this may lead them to conclude that the New Year means the end of their marriage and the start of a new era. 

The Problem With Christmas Day

Christmas day can be an issue because everyone wants to spend Christmas day with their family – not with people they don’t get on with. So, if they are forced to spend time with those in-laws they don’t get on with, it can be something they decide they don’t want to continue with.

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