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National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses 2016

This year’s wonderful National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses was held at St John’s Hotel in Solihull, giving nurses, patients and their families the opportunity to learn and share from each other’s experiences.

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This was only my second attendance at the National LCN conference, but since the first conference in 2015, I have been fortunate to attend various other events like the Mesothelioma UK conference in Stratford upon Avon, BTOG in Dublin and ImiG in Birmingham. 

I have seen many of the same lung cancer nurses (LCNs) at these events and it has given me a real opportunity to get to know them and build up a rapport, which is so much easier to do when you’re not in the normal working environment.   However, I am still amazed at the number of new nurses at each event. It just makes me appreciate how many lung cancer nurses there must be employed throughout the country.

They always seem surprised and delighted at my role as an asbestos support worker for Slater and Gordon.  They admit they do not have the time or resources to spend on the clients once they have been diagnosed, in the way that I can.

Having the stand at an event like this is a great way to draw people over to talk to you. The mini fans went down a treat with everyone again this year.  Not only just to give to their patients but for themselves when they were sitting in a hot room trying to concentrate.  I now think that Slater and Gordon has become a well-known name in the field at these events thanks to our sponsorship and continual attendance.

Don't forget to save the dates for next year's conference to be held on 2nd and 3rd November 2017 at the Hilton Hotel, Newcastle Gateshead.


Alison Blake is Slater and Gordon’s asbestos support worker.

Read about Alison’s role as an asbestos support worker here.

If you require legal advice or support regarding mesothelioma or asbestos claims, call the expert chest and asbestos disease team at Slater and Gordon Lawyers on 0800 844 0275 or contact us online.

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