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Top Tips For Divorce Following Adultery And Choosing the Right Lawyer

Adultery is one of the top reasons for divorce. We have seen a rise in the number of clients coming to us citing their partner cheating on them whilst on holiday.

To find out just how common adultery on holiday is and why people cheat while they are away we have commissioned a study with over 2,000 married and divorced Brits. We are also examining the legalities around adultery and divorce.

Is Divorce What You Really Want?

Getting divorced is a huge decision, both for you and your family. It is important to consider carefully if this is what you really want – has the marriage broken down irretrievably? Have you done everything you can to save your marriage?

A relationship breakdown puts a great deal of emotional strain on you and your family and it is vital that you prepare yourself.

Communicate With Your Partner

You will benefit from keeping the lines of communication open with your ex-partner.

If you have children together you will need to be able to continue to communicate amicably with your ex for years to come.

Children arrangements can in many cases be resolved without the use of lawyers saving you time and money, through open communication.

Find The Right Lawyer For You

Perhaps the most important advice of all is to find the right divorce lawyer for you. You will want them to be efficient and cost effective.

Every divorce case is different and you should seek an expert who has the right expertise for your needs. Not only this, you should feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer so that you can talk with them about your situation.

A divorce lawyer should be accessible, especially if you are a busy individual. Look for a solicitor who provides you with a personal mobile telephone number and has access to FaceTime or Skype.

Find a divorce lawyer with the right contacts. This is important if you are a business owner or require a lawyer with pension expertise. Look for a solicitor who has contacts with forensic accountants and pension actuaries – if their contacts are good they should be able to negotiate a good rate for you.

Listen to Your Lawyer

Your lawyer will be able to advise you on which of the five facts to rely on in order to prove that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. In some divorce cases following adultery, a divorce lawyer might advise you to use unreasonable behaviour rather than adultery in the divorce petition because it can be easier to prove with many people uncomfortable admitting to adultery.

Sometimes your divorce lawyer will not give you the advice that you want to hear. Try to remember they will be saying it in order to help you. Consider why it is that they have given you that advice. You can always discuss the advice further and ask why they have given you that recommendation.

Amy Harris is a family and divorce solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.

If you are looking to select a divorce lawyer following adultery you can contact Slater and Gordon on 0800 916 9055 or contact us online. We have the largest team of family lawyers in England and Wales.

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