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Top Destinations to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

17 March marks St Patrick’s Day, with people around the world celebrating the Irish holiday. Whether making merry at home or away, you might not know about these alternative destinations for St Patrick’s Day.


Whether greening the city in Dublin or enjoying a quieter time in more rural surroundings, Ireland is the obvious destination for travelling to St Patrick’s Day festivities. The capital is illuminated with green lights, with the five-day festival involving a charity run and street carnival. But what’s the craic with festivities in the rest of the world?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

More than 500,000 Irish descendants call Buenos Aires home, so every year on St Patrick’s Day a parade of all things Ireland takes place. 

Ise, Japan

Looking to celebrate the Irish holiday in a faraway land? You might be surprised to know Asia’s biggest St Patrick’s Day festivities takes place in Ise, with the streets filled around the Ise Shrine with people flying the Irish flag, fancy dress, Irish music and dancing and green as far as the eye can see. 

Chicago, USA

Just when you thought it couldn’t get greener… an estimated 400,000 people gather by the Chicago River every St Patrick’s Day to watch it dyed bright green in celebration. Following this, there’s a parade involving traditions such as Irish dancing and floats, after which The Parade Queen is announced. 

Florence, Italy

Fancy some European festivities? The Irlanda in Festa sees St Patrick Day festivities span over three days each year, with parties, concerts and Irish food and drink. 

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