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Should I Write A Will If I Don’t Have Anything?

Many people don’t write a will because they don’t feel they have anything to leave, especially if they don’t have property or savings. So why write a will if you don’t have anything?

A will doesn’t have to be about a house or masses of savings, it can simply be a document listing what you want people to have once you’re gone. It could be anything from your record collection to your favourite ornament. If you don’t have it in writing, how will anyone know what you wanted to happen once you’re gone?

Slater and Gordon undertook some research into wills and asked people why they hadn’t written one. The findings showed that many people just didn’t think it was worth writing one when they didn’t have a house or significant savings. Over 75 per cent of people surveyed said that they didn’t have a will, with many citing reasons such as “I don't have anything” and “I've no assets”.

If you don’t have a will anything you own will be divided according to law, and this might not be the way you want it to be split. If you’re with someone and you’re not married, then your other half won’t get anything if you don’t write a will. It can increase the stress at an already hard time if your family have to work out what you wanted to happen with your belongings.

A will tells everyone two very important things: what will happen to your possessions, and who will be in charge of organising everything and carrying out your wishes. You can also put in your will what you want to happen after your death in regards to burial or cremation, and how you want your funeral to be. You must ensure that you update any will you do write when something changes in your life. If you meet someone new and plan to stay with them, or if you have children, you need to update the will. You may find that you have managed to save more money than you thought and therefore want something different to happen to the savings. Making sure you update your will means that there will be fewer misinterpretations when it’s read.

Making a clear, well written will, means that your friends and family can grieve without any added stress. So even if you just want to leave a few personal favourite items to a select number of people, that’s what you put in your will. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a multi-million pound estate, your wishes are just as important.

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