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Crazy Things People Have Been Caught Doing Whilst Driving

If you’re a driver you will probably have seen some daft things done by other road users, but what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road? It might take a bit to beat some of these.

  1. Putting on Make-Up

Many women, and some men, just don’t seem to have time in the morning to get ready at home, so decide that the best place to put on their make-up is behind the wheel.

It’s probably not a good idea as you’ll end up looking like a clown if you make a wrong move, and you can be charged with driving without due care and attention.

  1. Playing the Trumpet

A UK driver was stopped by police when they spotted him playing the trumpet whilst driving. Even if the moment takes you, it’s best to pull over before practising your art.

  1. Knitting

Driving is not the time to take up a hobby, or finish that perfect scarf you have started. There is no need to risk your life, or the lives of others, for a “knit one purl one” on the road.

  1. Shaving

A woman was pulled over by police when they noticed her car was swerving strangely. They discovered she was shaving her legs whilst driving, shaving cream and all. Probably not a good idea; give yourself an extra few minutes and do it at home.

  1. Changing Nappies

A stinky nappy is horrible, we know, but changing your baby whilst driving is never a good idea. Pull over and change the little darling when you’re not distracted. There’s really no point putting yourself, your child, or other people at risk for a few more moments of bad smells.

  1. Eating

There have been many reports of people eating behind the wheel, from a simple sandwich to a full blown meal on a plate with knife and fork.

One of the worst was a lady who was pulled over after being spotted eating soup whilst steering with her elbows. Apparently she didn’t spill a drop!

Also, in 2015, Elsa Harris was stopped by police for eating a banana whilst driving, and was fined £100.

  1. Reading

There is a time for reading and there is a time for paying attention whilst driving, and never the two shall meet.

One man was stopped and fined for not paying attention after he was found with a book taped to his steering wheel. We can all get absorbed in a good book, but it’s probably best not to finish off that chapter whilst driving.

Back in 2014, comedian Roy Chubby Brown was fined £30 after being caught reading the newspaper whilst driving – not funny.

  1. Using Gadgets

We all know that using our mobile phone whilst driving is illegal, but people have been stopped for typing on laptops, playing on games consoles, fiddling with smart watches and using a generator-powered PC whilst behind the wheel.

Unless your car has a computer built in, and you have a hands free phone, don’t indulge your techy habits whilst driving.

There are many things we must not do whilst we are driving, and sometimes we fall foul of the law without even realising. If you need legal advice about a driving offence, the specialist lawyers at Slater and Gordon can help. We have a 93% positive result rate defending traffic offences.

Call us 24/7 on freephone 0800 223 0531 or contact us online and we will call you. 

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