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Animals That Inherited a Fortune

You can leave your money to whomever you choose, but you can’t directly leave your money to an animal. Instead, you can leave a trust fund in place for your furry friend, meaning that they will benefit from the money.

Dog Money
But it doesn’t stop us looking at the “richest” animals in the world. These creatures have been “left” a fortune in trust by their beloved owners.

The Wealthiest Animals in the World

Gunther IV

Gorgeous Alsatian Gunther IV inherited his fortune from his father, Gunther III.

Gunther III received £60 million when his owner, Austrian Countess Karlotta Liebenstien, died in 1992. The fortune has been invested wisely and when Gunther III died, £227 million passed to Gunther IV, making him the richest dog in the world.

Apparently Gunther IV dines on steak and caviar, has his own private pool, butler and maid, and is chauffeur driven everywhere.


Reclusive millionaire, Ben Rea, really showed his love for his favourite feline when he left him £15 million.

Blackie is now the richest cat in the world; he even has an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. Sadly, he has led a life out of the spotlight and no one seems to know where he is.


A former stray cat, taken in by Maria Assunta, inherited £8.5 million when Ms Assunta died. Tommaso was left a property portfolio including apartments in Rome and Milan, property in rural Italy, and the contents of several bank accounts.

Italian law dictates that you cannot leave money directly to pets, so Ms Assunta left the money and properties to her nurse on behalf of Tomasso.


The only bird to have made the list, domestic hen Gigoo is the luckiest chicken around.

Her owner, publishing mogul Miles Blackwell, left her £6 million when he died. He made sure that she had enough money to keep her in the comfort she was familiar with.


Conchita may be the smallest animal on our list, but she’s still got money in bucketfuls.

The little Chihuahua was the loved pet of Gail Posner, who lavished her dog with Cartier diamond necklaces and spent over £7,000 a month on her.

When Ms Posner died, she left Conchita a £1.8 million trust fund and a £5 million beachfront mansion. To really rub it in, Ms Posner’s son, Bret, only got £650,000.


Poor Trouble would have seen himself higher up the list if it weren’t for his owner’s family.

Billionaire Leona Helmsley left £6 million to the Maltese terrier, but Helmsley’s family contested the will and now Trouble will have to make do with a paltry £1 million to keep him happy.

Writing Your Will

You can stipulate that your furry friend is looked after once you’re gone by writing your will clearly and legally, with the help of a specialist wills lawyer.

Your lawyer will be able to explain how to put money into trust for your pet to ensure that their best interests are looked after.

Call the wills and trusts experts at Slater and Gordon anytime 24/7 on freephone 0800 916 9056 or contact us online and we will call you.

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