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Preparing for a Festive Holiday Abroad

Tis the season, and what could be more idyllic at this time of year than a trip to Lapland. For peace of mind, here’s some advice on how you can prepare in advance for an accident so that, at least financially, your festive plans remain intact.


Whether you’re planning a holiday in Lapland, a European city break or somewhere of a slightly warmer climate than the UK, an unforeseen injury isn’t something that anyone would want to ruin their travels. As accidents happen when least expected, by planning ahead you can enjoy yourself with the peace of mind that if an accident did happen, you would be covered.

EHIC Cards for European Travels

To begin, if you are injured in an accident abroad, finding that you’re charged for hospital treatment when you thought you were covered may add insult to injury. Making sure that you understand your EHIC card before you fly could save you a lot of stress if you are injured overseas. When travelling in Europe, an EHIC card grants medical care relative to the same received by locals depending where you are in the EU. Earlier in 2015 we blogged on certain confusions many British travellers have regarding how, when and where EHIC cards may be used. For all of their positives, please remember that EHIC cards are not a replacement for travel insurance. To make sure you know how they work, see our previous blog on EHIC cards here.

No Matter Where You Go, Always Take Travel Insurance with You

We’ve said it once and then a thousand more times, travel insurance comes at various prices, all of which are very likely more affordable than the medical costs faced when overseas. According to a study from earlier in 2015 the average medical costs for a holiday injury, from a slip and fall to holiday illness, are more than you might think. However unlikely you believe an accident may be, travel insurance is a way of covering your own back in advance. Many people think that travel insurance is for more sporty, adventurous holidays, but insurance could cover everything from a foodborne virus to a stumble on a cobbled pavement. For more information, see our blog 8 Ways Travel Insurance Takes Care of You

Before You Book

By booking your festive holiday with a tour operator you can trust that, in the event of an accident or foodborne illness, it will be easier to trace the people or insurers responsible when claiming compensation for any shortcomings.

The same applies to any excursions you may have planned, from coach trips to ice skating and sleigh rides, by booking any excursions via your tour operator you can expect a trusted guide. This is because, for the high street tour operator to be in business with them, the guide will have established themselves with a standard of quality, involving the qualities you would want from such a guide, like adequate training and safety precautions.

For a free consultation about an injury sustained on holiday, call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 or from abroad on +44 20 7657 155. Alternatively you can contact us online and we will call you.

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